At R.J Wright and Son we believe our service is unique, we'll hold you hand through out the process including before we start thatching and after we've finished thatching. We'll help through the planning stages and any other obsticles that may come in the way, we're here to offer you a professional and personal service.  No matter how small the job our highly trained master thatchers take pride in completing all thatch work to the highest of their ability. We design our service around you from the materials to the days we work.

What service do you require?

4.jpgComplete Re Roofing

Our Speciality

We know that having your roof completely re roofed can be a bit of a burden, we understand this and aim to make the process less intrusive as possible whilst finishing the job the highest standard


chim.jpgChimney Rendering & Touch ups 
The little jobs that make all the difference 




18.jpgInsurance Work

We're here to help in your hour of need

Insurance word to us is the same process as re roofing, we'll do our best to make sure we're not an extra hassel




 Fire Boarding and Fire Felt
We're proud supporters of 'The Dorset Model'
The Dorset Model is a guide to help protect your thatch from fires
Fire Boarding and Fire Felt can help to keep your thatch safe in the unlikely event of a fire.